Monday, March 2, 2009

One Horse at a Time

Welcome! I'm the ZooKeeper and I'm glad you have stopped by!

Here you find the attempt of one person to make a difference in some horse's lives.

This will hopefully be a place where a single rescue can be featured daily in an attempt to get some extra air time and find their needed home.

I'm not a rich person, nor do I have a lot of land to house rescues, but I do have some time and the ability to provide this space.

There will be no asking for goods or funds here. No bashing. No inuendos. Its all about the horses.

This site isn't affiliated with any horse rescue group. It will try to feature horses of all different breeds and persuasions from all over the US and Canada (if there is a desire).

Do you know of a horse which fits the bill? I'd love to hear from you and get things rolling. Spread the word to rescue folks you know. Give them a link. Give them my email:

Lets get started and see what we can do!



  1. Sounds interesting. I am looking forward to see how it develops.

  2. This is a great idea. I also look forward to seeing how it goes. And it's kind of just how I started out. First with one 18 month old starved Arab mare, Pearl, who I still have here because she couldn't be rehomed.

    And am now up to 16! My latest and most promising rescue is Hank. Who can be met at

  3. Good idea. I hope it works out well.

  4. I like this idea. Great way to go as far as rescues go.